Winter is better than the rest of the seasons.

December 8, 2019

Winter is better than the rest of the seasons. It really is! The other seasons there’s lots to do, sure, but winter is special.

In the spring it’s too cold and wet to enjoy most of what the outdoors has to offer. That’s why many Americans flock south for spring break every year. But for those of us who stay behind, spring just sucks.

For the summer… well summer’s not too bad, I suppose. Boating, swimming, laying out back watching the stars. Hiking, horseback riding, dirt biking. Okay, I don’t do all of those things, but great times, indeed!

Then comes autumn. Say goodbye to the fun summer activities. Say hello to biting winds and a yard littered with thousands upon thousands of leaves. Sure, you get Halloween, and technically Thanksgiving (I’ll get more into that in a bit), but that’s two days out of three months.

Finally, we have my beloved winter. The activities rival that of the summer and the scenery rivals that of the spring. We still have leftover Halloween candy, if you turned your light off early and you’ve rationed it correctly. Yeah, Thanksgiving is technically in the fall, but if it snows, and snowing is a winter thing, then it stands to reason Thanksgiving is lumped into winter holidays. Hell, it’s the “holiday season,” a.k.a. WINTER!

And during all this, there’s activities galore. Snowboarding, skiing, sledding. Snowball fighting, snowman building, sitting in front of the fire with a hot cup of #coffee. Yep, you know I love that coffee.

Oh, and the snow itself! That glorious fresh white powder that falls from the heavens. Not only does it make all those activities I mentioned possible, the world looks so peaceful when it’s blanked in white. I can go outside, look around, and bask in its wonder.

Anything else? I feel like I’m forgetting something…

Christmas! My favorite holiday of the year! Well, technically that’s Yule a few days before (I’m a pagan), but they’re really about the same thing. And I’m not talking about the gift buying or religious aspects of them either. I mean the whole holiday season, from Thanksgiving until the New Year, the magic of Christmas lights, the smell of pine, and joyful songs. It’s something to really enjoy.

Don’t get me started on Valentine’s Day! That’s a winter holiday too!

Have I convinced you yet?

I’ll admit, yes it gets cold, and yes the days are really short, but does it really matter? Not when all this good stuff is happening! So setup those lights, get some coffee (fine hot chocolate if you must) and sit back and tell some stories with family and friends.

And should you be alone this season, don’t forget you can always find me on Twitter, there for the sole purpose of brightening your day. No other reason, nope. I’m not addicted. I can quit what I want. You don’t know me!

💕 Kaitlyn

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18 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Excellent start to a blog! Look forward to more. Oh, Coffee with a little Irish cream also makes a wintery day warm too, not to mention fun making snow angels or running around trying to catch the snow flakes in your mouth. Yeah, I do that. Why not? 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    I’m with you, girl! I love winter the best – Christmas, my birthday, snow!
    But mostly it’s the presents, presents, presents 😀 😀 😀

  3. Ebony Haywood says:

    I’m more of an autumn girl because i love the colors–deep reds and golds and oranges. But, winter is definitely my next favorite. The warmth, the coziness. And a three week winter break from work! Lovely piece. Thanks for sharing. 👍🏾

  4. I could not agree more! After living in the dry heat of Arizona and New Mexico I moved to central Finland. It’s winter most of the year!

  5. Jon says:

    Great first blog post!
    I’m with you Winter FTW!!!

  6. Samuel G Ash says:

    Hey, Congrats on starting new blog and I look forward to reading many more!! Maybe this will inspire me to get mine up and running finally

  7. Caroline says:

    I love all seasons, but there is an extra layer of magic to winter. I especially love the diamonds in the snow. I’m off snowshoeing right now.

  8. Robert says:

    You know, when gathering around family and friends, this is valuable time for character development and plots for stories. If anyone says other wise, then you need to switch from coffee to something stronger. 🙂 You will be surprised how much someone you know can add to a character creation with ticks, habits, etc. For example, my late great grandmother used to make noises with her nose like quick breaths in 2 to three times in a roll.

    One of my antagonists close to the main protagonist had the same habit, but played a good part into their own habits. Later on in story it was a seed that watered over time that sprung awareness and revealing. “DEADLOCKED: A Trial Beginning, Crime Thriller”. So while you sit/stand around the fireplace or tree, sipping on coffee or cocoa, let your writer mind drift and become the “Geppetto” of your next character, plot, twist, etc. Merry Christmas fellow writers!

    • Kaitlyn Meyers says:

      One of the things I like about twitter is all the posts from author authors about how they would act in real life. Using inspiration from real life, such as family, is also a great thing so that not all my characters sound like they have the same habits and preferences and just pieces of me!


      For those of you reading this, check out Robert’s book at https://www.amazon.com/DEADLOCKED-Trial-Beginning-RM-Secor-ebook/dp/B017CHN14A

      • Robert says:

        Thank you Kaitlyn for the shout out! I tend to be a diverse writer and explore several genres. My latest book, is an Adventure novel, “The Tennessee Youngster” and to me it is sort of has a Samuel Clemens “Mark Twain” appeal. It too can be found on Amazon. Make sure to check out the audio sample.

        • Kaitlyn Meyers says:

          Awesome! It’s great to be able to work in multiple genres! I think it takes a really talented writer to be able to do that. I’ll be sure to check it out!

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