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December 10, 2019

Someone on Twitter (okay many people) asked me what my obsession with tacos is, and I thought I’d give a statement about it. Unfortunately, I can’t just post it on Twitter since there’s only so much room in a Tweet and I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to do “1/4” or whatever you denote it as to say it’s going to be longer than one tweet and keep reading in the comments.

So, as you may be aware, I’m a fan of #tacos and #coffee. I feel like coffee doesn’t really need an explanation. But I’ll give one any way. As a writer, or any person who works on a screen, will tell you, coffee keeps you awake because of the lack of blue that shows up on your screen. When you’re outside you have the blue sky to keep you awake. But if you’re like me and run Twitter in dark mode, your exposure to blue is limited to seeing a little blue on the left side. If you’re on your phone, it’s even less!

What, I’m rambling you say? Well, maybe it’s because I don’t want to give away my secrets to the taco universe. Maybe it’s because I want this post to be long enough to warrant having a post and not just a tweet. But you came here for answers, and answers I shall give you!

Here are the top 10 reasons you need more tacos in your life.

  1. Tacos are comprised of the four basic food groups. Meat, carbs, vegetables/fruit (tomato is a fruit!) and cheese. Cheese is it’s own food group.
  2. Tacos are a beloved food in my household. If I’m eating it, you should be eating it too.
  3. Tacos have been a dietary staple for thousands of years. I don’t know, I didn’t research when they were discovered.
  4. Tacos have special enzymes and proteins to help your muscles become stronger. The definition of special is up for debate, but you can’t deny it is a good source of nutrition.
  5. Tacos can be eaten in any number of quantity. You want 1 taco? Fine. You want 10? I’m not going to judge you.
  6. Tacos are easily accessible. You can go to Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, Del Taco (which I like better than Taco Bell). Hell, even Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s sell tacos! (I’ve never been into a Hardee’s but isn’t it the same thing as Carl’s Jr.?) You can buy them out of random trucks on the street!
  7. Tacos help support local economies. Like I said in the previous one, you can buy them from an unmarked truck parked in your favorite parking lot. You don’t ever hear “I’m going to go get a burger from the Home Depot parking lot at 11PM.” But you will hear me say, “I’m going to go get a taco from the Home Depot parking lot at 11PM”
  8. Tacos make up 50% of my Twitter profile. A scientific poll I did takes up the coveted spot as my top image. This means they are more important as other things that could take up that space.
  9. Tacos are… you’re still reading this list?
  10. Tacos taste pretty damn good and are easy to make.

So before you fry up a steak, make a sandwich, or snack on some candy that’s been sitting around on top of your fridge since Halloween so you think to yourself Hey! I can eat candy without going to the store, it’s important to consider the fact that tacos are a nutritious, scrumptious, crunchy part of life that should be enjoyed by all!

What are you waiting for? Buy them now. I’m not going to sell you on tacos again. Stay tuned for my future post about why you’re drinking coffee the wrong way. Soon to come to the Kaitlyn Meyers blog.

💕 Kaitlyn