Someone is on the prowl.

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  1. Thomas Kropp says:

    What an interesting topic! I hope your friend is careful in the future. What is said or done online can misinterpreted rather easily, because you don’t know how they are saying it. What is their body language and tone of voice? Well we simply don’t know, because we’re not physically with the person communicating with them. Remember your friend opened the door by giving this guy a compliment, and he was probably paying attention to everyone else’s which probably upset him. Why is everyone else getting the attention and not me? Tread carefully is what I’d say with this fellow. Once you open Pandora’s box it is impossible to close ever again. I don’t know how big your group of friends are, but chances are at least one of them may not be what they seem. So be careful. Feeling’s can be hurt easily online. So say things and do things online carefully. This cannot be emphasized enough. We have to act in a responsible way when engaged in online activity. And most of all look after yourself and your own wellfare. I hope your friend listens to you in the future. BE CAREFUL ONLINE!

    • Kaitlyn Meyers says:

      Hey, Thomas! I think in this case it probably wouldn’t have been much different in person. Maybe a different choice of words or something, but he seems pretty assertive for someone with such low self confidence. But you’re right, it really is a Pandora’s box. It’s kinda sad we can’t just be kind and nice without having it backfire sometimes. I know I’m guilty of it myself and it’s gotten me into trouble in the past. Gotta be careful online, and in person, too!

      BTW he did the “no one likes me” post again tonight after I posted this!

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