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Okay, so maybe I didn’t have a blog until last month. On December 31, 2009 I think I was posting about this subject on MySpace. I’d check, but I don’t remember my username, email or password!

But still, there’s tons of posts people make about the end of year. What they accomplished over the last 365 days. What they want to accomplish over the next 365 days. But this time we get to talk about the last and next 3650+ days!

It was an amazing last 10 years for me. I moved to this lovely city I’m in now, enjoyed many winters, summers, birthdays, parties and more. I’ve written books, articles, and most recently blog posts. I’ve made new friends and lost some along the way.

Reflecting on the past is a difficult thing to do! There’s so much to say, and to summarize it is proving to be a big challenge. So I’m not going to do more of that. It’s time to look forward to the next 10 years.

I want to really push my writing throughout this next decade. I don’t need to be famous or rich, but I do want to have fans of my work who appreciate it for what it is: entertainment. I love bringing happiness to people. I like providing others something they can enjoy.

In the latest series I’m working on, however, I’m taking a more serious approach to it. Yes, it’s still entertainment, but it’s something bigger than that. I don’t want to go into details just yet, but with my Barton family, set in a fantasy landscape, modern-day issues will be presented, mirroring the reality that we all live in. I want to push people to think and reflect on what’s really going on this world. If I had to pick just one thing to accomplish the next few years, this would be it.

What’s your biggest goal for the next decade? What one thing could you accomplish that will make for a great one? I know authors want to be published, business owners want to grow their enterprise, students want to graduate; these are all things normal people with lively aspirations want. What’s special thing do you want to accomplish? It doesn’t have to be fancy or complex. What would you be proud to say you accomplished when it comes time to report it on December 31, 2029?

Let me know in the comments below. I like it when we can talk and discuss things like real people, it’s the interactions that make blogging all worth it to me.

Happy New Year everybody, and thank you for listening to my rambling yet again!

💕 Kaitlyn