Final Fantasy VI saved my life.

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  1. Thomas Kropp says:

    Hello! I never played final fantasy,but I can see how it can impact your life. Star Wars is something I grew up with back in the day.And even as an adult I can still identify with the characters in the story. So in a way it has helped me deal with divorce in my life that happened 4 years ago. It has helped me deal with depression and anxiety that came as a result of that event. I definitely felt like the fallen hero Anakin,becoming Darth Vader. A man that is scarred forever but in the end redeems himself one day.

    • Kaitlyn Meyers says:

      Isn’t it amazing the way media interacts with our lives? I’m not sure that the creators intended necessarily to create stories that transcend just entertainment. I’m especially not sure that they thought these stories would remain with someone their whole lives and impact them on such a personal level. I’m very glad Star Wars had this effect on you and helped you to be able to cope with the world around you.

  2. Garrison Dinsmore says:

    This is a great post. I didn’t play this game but have a lot of nostalgia for the SNES. Games have been very meaningful to me, too, and I am so glad you shared this very personal story. I wish more people could understand this hobby is so much more creative than destructive. Thank you!

    • Kaitlyn Meyers says:

      Hi Garrison! I think a lot of hobbies are this way, it doesn’t matter what they are. Outsiders might look on whatever that hobby is and think it’s a waste of time, bad for you, etc. But the life lessons and feelings that you can get out of them are more than worth it!

  3. James says:

    Great piece, Kaitlyn! FF6 is my second favorite game of all time, and by far my favorite Final Fantasy game. Don’t get me wrong, most of them are good, and I especially like 7,12,14, &15. But not as much as I like 6. NEVER as much as I like 6. 😉
    I totally get this article. I’m gathering from this that we’re roughly the same age, and I played FF6 and Chrono Trigger during seminal years, when I was very much still figuring out who I was. I’ve always made up stories and characters, but these games drove me to drawing maps, world building, and plotting out branching stories. While they never saved my life, they changed me for the better (the saved my life part came a few years later with Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask titles, but that’s a story for another time). Today I work in the games industry, and it’s pretty darned great (most of the time)!
    Thanks for the article, keep up the great work!

    PS. I played Persona 5 last year and loved it, you’re in for a treat, albeit a looonng one!

    • Kaitlyn Meyers says:

      Hey James! I just saw this. I really like most of the franchise, but this one was just miles ahead for me! I hadn’t really thought about it affecting fine details of stories, but I suppose it really had. After I played the game was the first time I wrote a book. It was decent for a 10 year old! I think prior to the game I hadn’t considered that stories could have multiple points of view with events happening simultaneously.

      I loved the Zelda franchise too, but I haven’t kept up with that one so much since I don’t have a Nintendo anything. The last game I played was Wind Waker I think, but I didn’t finish that game. Persona 5 is really good so far, I just finished the third palace and am loving all the interaction between the characters! I’m like almost 40 hours in… so from what I gather this is going to be well over 100 hours.

  4. Bradley Simpson says:

    Very heartfelt. I enjoy all ff games for their depth.

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