The Afterlife Series

Looking for a great series to enjoy?

“If you’re a fantasy-nut, you can’t go wrong…” – Jody Santiago

Demons are after Harper Hawthorne’s lost family heirloom. She needs the help of the Afterlife supernatural crime-fighting team to save her life.

But can she really trust a vampire and his friends?

Harper lived her whole life under flashing neon lights of Las Vegas, oblivious to the underworld hidden from human eyes. One day, a man walks into her bar to order a drink. She’s seen his kind before; shrouded in secrets, pretending to be someone he’s not. But this isn’t like any other man… he’s a demon.

Knowing her life is endangered, a group of supernaturals step in to protect Harper from being harmed. This elite team of a magical fairy, a ferocious incubus, a brilliant shape-shifter led by an enigmatic vampire run the Afterlife nightclub by night and hunt demons by day. And sure enough, there are demons after Harper’s Nexus… an ancient heirloom that contains her long-lost gypsy magic.

Unaware of the power she’s about to uncover, Harper and the Afterlife team launch an assault on the demon horde threatening to steal this great power. The handsome vampire assured her they’ll beat the demons together. But what will happen when she unlocks the full potential of the Nexus? Can she trust Afterlife? Can she really trust a vampire? Sure, he’s gone to great lengths to help her – but Harper must be careful; he’s hiding secrets of his own.

Praise for The Forgotten Nexus:

“Author is genuinely talented.” – BookLife

“I’m happy I read this book!”- Carol Atwood

“Well written and perfectly formatted.” – Primer

About the Author:

Kaitlyn Meyers lives in the western United States near Lake Tahoe, CA. You can find her on the shores of the lake anytime of the year.