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Under the flashing neon lights of Vegas, a hunt has begun.

A few silent phonecalls, a note on her car, a shadow following her at night — Harper Hawthorne knows she’s got a stalker, but isn’t worried. She’s always attracted the odd types. But when a fellow bartender winds up dead, and a fiery message is sent Harper’s way, she can no longer pretend this is just another lonely patron vying for her heart.

Life turned upside down, under a cloud of suspicion, Harper must stay one step ahead of a brutal killer before she becomes the next to disappear. But things are even more complicated than that, and soon she finds herself drawn into the supernatural underbelly of a city she no longer recognizes — and must delve into a past that she thought was locked away forever.

Harper’s story may begin with murder and mystery, but when she finds the nightclub Afterlife, it becomes much more. Family secrets, friendships forged in blood and ire, and visions from both centuries past and events yet to unfold all play a part in pushing her toward the inevitable end. Will she solve the murder before she gets there, or find a cold-blooded killer waiting to greet her?

Genre: Supernatural Suspense


Kaitlyn Meyers

If I’m not writing, I’m searching the world for inspiration — if by inspiration, you mean amusing tweets about cats. Join me as I release new suspense, romance, and fantasy books both in-print and online.

First stop is the story of Harper Hawthorne at the center of a mysterious supernatural suspense that will keep you on your toes.

All aboard!


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Working Nine to Five… Nine PM to Five AM.

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Let’s Go Steal A Character And Plot.

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