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Mace, Center Stage

A Barton Books Story

When Mace Underwood gets a promotion to lead the production of a new stage play, she doesn’t know what she’s in for. Though she’d always dreamed of becoming a famous writer, she had hoped she’d have more time to gain her footing. Love, romance, and hard work lay ahead of her. Can she win at all three, or is it back to square one?


Kaitlyn Meyers

If I’m not writing, I’m searching the world for inspiration — if by inspiration, you mean amusing tweets about cats. Join me as I release new romance and fantasy books both in-print and online.

First stop is the charming journey of young writer Mace Underwood in the first of the Barton Books series.

All aboard!


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Working Nine to Five… Nine PM to Five AM.

Working Nine to Five… Nine PM to Five AM.

There’s something interesting that happens to you when you work at night and sleep during the day. You start to feel like a vampire. You start to be most effective at night. You start to get real tired in the early afternoon. So with that, let’s parse these pros and cons out.

Let’s Go Steal A Character And Plot.

Let’s Go Steal A Character And Plot.

Picture this. You’re a kid just going about your kid life and for some reason you wake up tomorrow as an adult and have to deal with all the problems that adults have but from the perspective of a child! It’s kind of a coming-of-age story you’re in, just in a scrambled order. Cool idea, right!?

Wait, You Don’t Have A Smartphone?

Wait, You Don’t Have A Smartphone?

There are some people who don’t have a smartphone. They don’t have the need for one. That statement got me thinking, though, do any of us actually need a smartphone? I want to postulate three reasons why you don’t need one. Why none of us need them. Come on class, let’s get started.